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Since its inception in 1992, Travel Market has been delivering quality corporate business travel arrangement for our corporate travelers. We hold certifications as WOSB (Woman Owned Small Business) as well as a WBENC (Woman’s Business Enterprise National Council) which may allow your company special incentives.
Based on our discussions with many companies, we have identified the service and savings challenges that they face. Travel Market, Inc. will partner with your company to effectively and efficiently address these challenges by implementing strategies and using our expertise to focus on your company’s needs. Please contact our corporate sales manager, Denise Ryan, to discuss your company’s travel.
Contact Denise at 262-365-3334 or at .

• State-of-the-art SABRE airline reservation automation with quality and accuracy enhancements that will include bookings on Southwest Airlines
• Cost savings programs on hotels, cars, vacations travel and more
• Emergency travel assistance, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year
• Highly trained and professional personnel delivering customer satisfaction and consistency in service
• Provide a travel consultant who will be familiar with your company’s policies and traveler preferences
• Provide convenient and accurate travel arrangements
• Provide timely and accurate management reports that are customized to your needs
• Sending Clients itineraries/invoices emails via Trip Case

• Always offer the best possible airfares, hotel and car rates
• Measure the effectiveness of your company’s travel policy and identify ways to minimize noncompliance
• Ensure that your company takes advantage of all cost-savings opportunities
• Negotiate additional discounts on hotel and car rates by reviewing your usage of these vendors
• By consolidating hotel usage at cities frequented by your company traveler’s additional savings can be realized in hotel usage that is presently concentrated in frequented cities. Your account manager will conduct meetings of vendors located in these areas and renegotiate discounts and added amenities on your behalf
• Periodic review of your car rental programs will determine whether your company’s present program is competitive and provides the service and savings promised.

Providing useful information to effectively manage your company’s travel budget by identifying where the money is being spent, determining how effectively your travel policy is being followed by your travelers, opportunities for savings through policy changes and vendor negotiations.